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Purchase any of the following EASTWEST Virtual Instruments before March 17, 2014 and get one of equal or lesser value FREE!


Additional licenses are only available at www.soundsonline.com and soundsonline-europe.com, and will be deposited into the same iLok account as the original license.

Hard Drive Products

Any Hollywood Diamond Series product is supplied on a Western Digital 1TB USB3 (with USB2 compatibility) external hard drive. The supplied hard drive is subject to change without notice and may be supplied in black or silver based on availability. The hard drive comes with a Western Digital 3 year warranty. In the event a replacement drive becomes necessary we will replace the data at any time.

If you order more than one Hollywood Diamond Series product, only one hard drive will be shipped and you will be emailed licenses for the remaining products. Content for all Hollywood Diamond Series products is supplied on the same hard drive.

This is my first EastWest purchase, where can I purchase the iLok security key?

Right here, and if you are a new customer you will receive a 50% discount! Add iLok2 to your cart at the bottom of the selection list and login to receive the 50% discount. Only one iLok security key is required for all of your EastWest products. One of the major benefits of iLok is portability. The iLok security key provides access to the entire collection, so you can plug in the USB 3 hard drive and iLok key into any computer in any location for convenience.

Please contact Sales, or Technical Support if you require any further assistance.