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Goliath as a collection of sounds can't be beat. These are some of the most expressive and musical sounds out there, and there's no other one-stop sample player or library that comes close.


  • Created by award-winning sounds producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix
  • 40 GB total, spread across 180 different instruments
  • Easy access to percussion, guitars, basses, keyboards, orchestra, choirs, world instruments and more
  • General MIDI-compatible
  • Every sound from its predecessor, Colossus
  • Now included in OPUS with individual downloads, custom keyswitches, and dozens of MIDI Tools and Mixer Effects

The Most Comprehensive Library

In Existence

Goliath combines many of EastWest's best sampled instruments in one library, with the express purpose of giving you unlimited creative flexibility without switching libraries. This is an excellent fit for media composers, songwriters, and producers who need a quick grab-bag of quality instruments all in one place. You get access to instruments from a variety of other EastWest libraries, but even where there is overlap with your existing collection, it becomes even easier to use some of your favorite instruments (and layer in many new ones).

    Sound levels

    A monster amount of pro-quality sampled audio, fronted by a well-designed interface. Pounding through the patches rapidly reveals a wealth of well-recorded and cunningly processed sounds equipped with useful, velocity switched variations. Top-flight timbres that are ideal for use in songwriting projects, filmscoring and for more instant results. 9/10

    Future Music

    Drums and Percussion

    From world classics like congas, taikos and Tibetan Bells to studio kits for funk, jazz, rock, and EDM, you’ll find a collection of percussion that covers nearly every genre and style you write.


    Fender, Les Paul, nylon, blues, jazz, and ska guitars, with a mandolin and ukulele. Virtually all genres from classical to reggae and even classic rock are covered in this collection, making this your full Swiss Army knife for guitar libraries.


    This collection puts many classic bass models at your fingertips, including a Fender 5 string, 72 Rickenbacker, and 66 Silvertone (as well as an upright bass). This is the largest grab bag of quality basses you’ll ever need.

    Pianos, Keyboards, Mallets

    Every major keyboard instrument: grands, electric, clavinet, organs, celeste, harpsichord, and a host of other options come together into a single collection. This will be an invaluable companion when you have a keyboard-heavy song or you simply need to try out a bunch of instruments before committing to one.

    Pop Brass

    Trumpets, saxes, trombones and other horns ideal for soul and funk melodies, chords and punches. Layer them on top of one another to add extra realism and thicken up your melody lines.


    If you don’t have a full virtual orchestral ensemble in your arsenal, this collection will plug all the holes and give you the essentials you need to create convincing mockups of nearly any piece you write.

    Choirs and Vocals

    In addition to the standard Soprano Alto Tenor Bass arrangement, this collection provides men’s, women’s, and boys choirs that can easily support all of your large-scale vocal needs.

    World Instruments

    A thorough sampling of EastWest’s most coveted world instruments from Europe, East Asia, India and the Middle East, you get a reliable collection of tools that can evoke images of nearly any nation around the world.


    Everything that doesn’t neatly fit into another category here: New Age ensembles, dark atmospheres, and synth pads, leads and basses. Whether you’re writing hybrid orchestral scores, EDM or ambient music, this collection extends your arsenal into virtually any genre.

    If you’re looking for sheer size and a nearly unlimited range of uses, Goliath opens up a world of creative doors that no other library can--because very few boast so many different instruments in one. If you’re an eclectic writer and need quick access to a lot of instruments that support different styles, an ambitious songwriter that wants to dive far deeper into orchestration, or a media composer whose job requires a wide range of tools at arm’s length, Goliath is an easy choice that will serve you for years to come.

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          • Custom Congas
          • Distorted Beatbox
          • EW Studio 2 Ludwig Kit
          • Radiostatic Anamoly
          • Rhythmic Synth FX
          • Tong Zi
          • Tambourines
          • Tibetan Bells
          • Country Drumkits
          • Electronic Drumkits
          • Ethnic percussion
          • Funk Drumkits
          • Hip Hop Kits
          • Jazz Drumkits
          • Rock Drumkits
          • StandardPercussion
          • Studio Drumkits
          • Old Skool Electronic Kit
          • Taiko Drums
          • Concert Guitar
          • Fender Telecaster
          • Hard Rock Rhythm Guitar
          • Les Paul Guitar
          • Nylon Guitar
          • PRS Guitars
          • Rockabilly Guitar
          • Surf Guitar
          • Ska Guitar
          • Acoustic Guitars
          • Blues Guitars
          • Distorted Guitars
          • Hawaiian Guitar
          • Jazz Guitars
          • Banjo
          • Electric Sitar
          • Lapsteel
          • Mandolin
          • Ukelele
          • Lakland Rock Bass
          • Fender 5 String Bass
          • Fender Bass
          • 66 Silvertone Bass
          • 72 Rickenbacker Bass
          • Fretless Bass
          • Slap Bass
          • Stingray Bass
          • Upright Basses
          • PMI Bosendorfer 290
          • Steinway B Grand Piano
          • Fazioli F308 Grand Piano
          • CP-80
          • Honky Tonk
          • Clavinet
          • DX-7
          • GS-1 EP1
          • GS-1 EP-2
          • GS-1 Boosted Tine EP
          • GS-1 Percussive Piano
          • Rhodes MKV
          • Chuck Monte
          • B3 Organs
          • Farfisa Organs
          • Vox Continental Organs
          • Church Organs
          • Reed Organ
          • Celeste
          • Concertina
          • Glockenspiel
          • Harpsichord
          • Marimba
          • Vibraphone
          • Xylophone
          • Tango Accordian
          • Italian Accordion
          • Accordian
          • Music Box
          • 3 Trumpets
          • Alto Saxes
          • Bari Saxes
          • Flugel Horn
          • Pop/JazzTrumpets
          • Salsa Trumpets
          • Soprano Saxes
          • Tenor Saxes
          • Trombones
          • Tubas
          • New Flute
          • Staccato Flute
          • 6 French Horns
          • Legato Violins and Cellos
          • Marcato Violins and Cellos
          • Orchestral Percussion Kit
          • new Trumpet
          • Staccato Trumpet
          • new solo Violin
          • Bassoon
          • Brass Section
          • Cello
          • Clarinet
          • Concert Harp
          • Contrabass
          • English Horn
          • Flute
          • French Horn
          • Oboe
          • OrchestraHits
          • Orchestral Strings
          • Piccolo
          • Pizzicato Strings
          • String Ensembles
          • Timpani
          • Tremelo Strings
          • Trombone
          • Trumpet
          • Tuba,Tubular Bells
          • Viola
          • Violin
          • New Basses
          • Tenors
          • Altos
          • Sopranos and Boys Choir
          • Solo Boy
          • Solo Female Vocals
          • Men's Choir
          • Women's Choir (extensive vowels with crossfading)
          • Agogo Bells
          • Bagpipes
          • Cora
          • Didjeridoo
          • Duduk
          • Dulcimer
          • Erhu
          • Fiddle
          • Irish Low Whistle
          • Kalimba
          • Koto
          • Mid-East Strings
          • NeyFlute
          • Ocarina
          • Pan Flute
          • Sarangi
          • Shakuhachi
          • Shamisen
          • Shehnai
          • Sitar
          • Thai Gong
          • Uilleann Pipes
          • New Age Ensembles - inspiring ethno ethereal soundscapes
          • Stormdrones - 3 Gigs of dark atmospheres with morphing
          • Synth Basses with morphing
          • Synth Leads with morphing
          • Synth Pads with morphing


          Below are the minimum and recommended hardware and software specifications for using Opus on Windows and MacOS systems.


          • CPU: Quad-core (four cores), running at 2.7 GHz (or above)
          • RAM: 16 GB
          • OS: macOS 10.13 (or later); Windows 10 with ASIO sound drivers
          • Drive: HDD (7200 rpm, non-energy saving)


          • CPU: Octa-core (eight cores), running at 2.7 GHz (or above)
          • RAM: 32 GB or more
          • OS: macOS 10.13 (or later); Windows 10 with ASIO sound drivers
          • Drive: SSD (SATA or PCIe)

          The chart below outlines the MacOS and Windows 64-bit operating systems and sequencers that are officially supported and fully tested with the latest version of Opus. Please note that while most Sequencers / DAWs are VST 2, VST 3, AU and AAX plug-in format compatible, only those listed in the chart below are officially supported.

          Product Version MacOS (10.13+) Windows 10
          EW Play 6 Stand-Alone 6.0+ YES YES
          EW Opus Stand-Alone 1.0+ YES YES
          Ableton Live 10.0+ YES YES
          Apple Logic Pro 10.0+ YES -
          Apple Garageband 10.3+ YES -
          Avid Pro Tools 2018.1+ YES YES
          Bitwig Studio 3.0+ YES YES
          Cockos Reaper 6.0+ YES YES
          Image-Line FL Studio 20+ YES YES
          Motu Digital Performer 9.0+ YES YES
          Steinberg Cubase(1) 9.0+ YES YES
          Steinberg Nuendo(1) 8.0+ YES YES
          Presonus Studio One 4.0+ YES YES
          VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.0+ YES YES
          Acoustica Mixcraft 10.5+ - YES
          Notation Software(2) Version    
          Avid Sibelius 2018.1+ YES YES
          MakeMusic Finale 25.0+ YES YES
          Steinberg Dorico 3.0+ YES YES
          • (1) VST3 usage is recommended
          • (2) Sibelius / Finale / Dorico notation programs work with Opus, but do not support the full feature set of some Opus/Play Libraries, such as those that use WordBuilder. Please contact support for details.

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          • Created by award-winning sounds producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix
          • 40 GB total, spread across 180 different instruments
          • Easy access to percussion, guitars, basses, keyboards, orchestra, choirs, world instruments and more
          • General MIDI-compatible
          • Every sound from its predecessor, Colossus