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Software Updates

EastWest Installation Center 1.4.11

EW Installation Center - Getting Started

  • System requirements: Mac OS X 10.12 and higher/ Windows 10 and higher

What's fixed and added in the EastWest Installation Center?

IC 1.4.11 / Jan 17, 2023

  • Hides long version number of Opus
  • Shows correct update for Opus

IC 1.4.10 / Nov 1, 2022

  • Functionality improved after fresh installation (without Opus)
  • “About” fixed

IC 1.4.9 / Oct 24, 2022

  • Product Installer removed from IC
  • Permissions fixed for download/installation of documentation

EastWest OPUS 1.3.4

EW Opus Software Manual

What's fixed and added in OPUS Software?

Opus 1.3.4 / Feb 7, 2023

  • Pianos fix

Opus 1.3.3 / Feb 6, 2023

  • Brings back drag and drop from midi controller mapping to macro
  • Midi feedback in macro - fixed
  • Release Trail level fixed when combining CC1 and CC11 in midi controller mapping
  • Crash when loading user patch created from String Machine preset - fixed
  • Wrong Release Trail with Glide midi tool - fixed

Opus 1.3.2 / Jan 17, 2023

  • Opus loads empty in VE Pro7 Server if not connected to host - fixed
  • Opus app update now downloads to the download folder instead of EastWest folder - improvement
  • Installer writes superfluous folders in /Applications/East West/ - fixed
  • Changes in Midi Controller Mapping not saved in DAW - fixed
  • Global for Midi Control Mapping can't be disabled in DAW tracks - fixed
  • Global for macro can't be removed by unchecking globe - fixed
  • Play subtabs now reset to Play page after reloading project - improvement
  • Opus UI doesn’t display correct page after reloading project - fixed
  • Write permissions of EastWest folder (Mac) - fixed

Opus 1.3.1 / Dec 29, 2022

  • Fixes an error with Opus and Studio One's sound variations feature

Opus 1.3.0 / Dec 22, 2022

  • New Preset browser
  • Presets on mass
  • Buffer sharing between instruments
  • MIDI Tools on Performance page (multis/ Orchestrator)
  • New sustain pedal tool on Performance page (Orchestrator)

Opus 1.2.5 / Oct 24, 2022

  • New online updater within Opus for installing mandatory files
  • Improvement for individual downloads. Partly installed products are marked yellow in the browser
  • Offline bounce with purged instruments - fixed
  • Opus launches at end of installation
  • Scale selection added for MIDI Chorder
  • Engine alerts fixed for MIDI tools
  • Fixes in FX preset menu

EastWest software is compatible with the latest Mac OS 13/Ventura and Windows 11. Opus runs natively on Intel and Apple M1 CPUs. PLAY and SPACES II are Intel based and require Rosetta to run on an Apple M1 machine.

PLAY 6.1.9

PLAY 6.1.9 upgrade is for Mac users running OS X 10.7 or higher, and for Windows users running 7 and above.

PLAY 6.1.9 is now available for free to all EastWest customers. If you are a current PLAY 6 user please use the Installation Center to get your update.

  • If you are using a Mac and get an "unidentified developer" message when clicking on the "Play Installer 6.1.9.pkg" icon, right-click or control-click on the icon instead and proceed.

IMPORTANT! For Hollywood Backup Singers, Hollywood Pop Brass, Voices of Opera, Voices of Soul, Spaces II, Voices of the Empire and Hollywood Choirs users, PLAY should be updated first and then product instruments should be updated after.

PLAY 6 Quick Guide

PLAY 6 System Manual

What's fixed and added in PLAY Software Update 6.1.9?

  • Fixed compatibility to Apple GarageBand

EastWest Installation Center 1.4.3

  • Support for older operating systems (Mac OS 10.11 and older/ Windows 7)

NKS Support Installer

EastWest Sounds is now fully compatible with NKS and can be used in NI Komplete Kontrol keyboards, software and Maschine. EastWest Sounds can also be browsed and previewed. Instrument parameters are pre-mapped to NI hardware and software.

NKS Installation Guide

  • Added latest products EW Hollywood Pop Brass and EW Hollywood Backup Singers
  • Added prelisten samples for Pop Brass and Backup Singers
  • Fixed prelisten samples for Ghostwriter

Spaces II Software Update 2.0.3

What's fixed and added in Spaces II Software Update 2.0.3?

  • Crash on Mac OS 12 (Monterey) fixed
  • GUI now follows automation